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Video: Correct Posture with Upper Back Strength

Look around.. I bet you will see more people with slouched backs and forward shoulders than people who are in a tall, open chested and upright position. Am I right? Poor posture is very common, and it leads to many injuries, including:

There are many issues which cause poor posture. A common culprit is called “upper-cross syndrome,” which is an imbalance in strength and flexibility between the anterior and posterior musculature. A combination of tight chest muscles and weak back muscles pull your shoulders into a forward position which increases the curvature of your upper spine, creating a hump back or kyphotic posture.

Today, we will give you a list of cues and two simple exercises to focus on which will help eliminate this and many other postural deviations.

Here are your cues:

  • Sit and stand up straight
  • Keep ears over your shoulders
  • Slight chin tuck
  • Pull shoulders back and down
  • Tuck your tummy and keep it tight
  • Do not arch your lower back
  • Stand evenly on both feet and do not lean from side to side
  • Look straight forward

The two exercises to focus on are upper back strengthening and chest stretching. Use the following picture and video as examples to help aid in your efforts. If you have additional questions, give one of our clinics a call. Good luck!