Hand Therapy


Hypersensitivity After a Hand Injury

If you are not tolerating the feel of your sleeve touching your arm, the pressure of water in the shower or even the thought of using your hand after an arm injury, then you have developed some hypersensitivity. Hypersensitivity or “allodynia” is when you feel discomfort in response to stimulation that isn’t normally noxious. Why … Read more

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arm nerve pain nerve gliding

Gliding for Nerve Injuries in the Arm

How are the nerves affected in an elbow, wrist, or hand injury? Sensory nerves transmit signals from our arm to the brain, processing that information and triggering reactions in our body. Motor nerves transmit signals from the brain to the muscles for movement. This circuitry allows our body to send signals of vibration, touch, pain, … Read more

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armworks hand therapist examining finger injury

Finger Injuries: When in Doubt, See an Armworks Hand Therapist

Injuries to the hand, specifically the fingers, are quite common. Whether you are an athlete who “jams” your finger trying to catch a ball, a chef whose knife misses its target, or a machinist whose finger gets smashed during operations; we are all at risk of sprains, strains, lacerations, and/or fractures. Luckily, your Certified Hand … Read more

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why is a custom splint needed after tendon injury

Why is a Custom Splint Needed After a Tendon Injury?

Armworks Hand Therapy provides many specialized treatments for the elbows, wrists, and hands, which sometimes includes custom splinting. One reason a custom splint may be necessary is after a tendon injury. Today we will discuss what a tendon is, how it may become damaged and why a custom splint is a crucial component of the … Read more

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physical therapy myths debunked

Top 10 Physical Therapy Myths – DEBUNKED

Physical Therapy may have some misleading misconceptions. Maybe it is something you heard, something you assumed, or even something you assumed you heard. Today we will address and DEBUNK the Top 10 Physical Therapy Myths, setting the record straight for good. MYTH #1: It’s going to hurt- A LOT. Have you ever heard the old … Read more

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custom hand splint for fractur injury

Why is a Custom Splint Needed After a Fracture Injury?

Why is a custom splint needed after a fracture injury?  Armworks Hand Therapy specializes in the rehabilitation of the elbows, wrists, and hands. For several injuries, the treatment plan provided by Armworks includes custom splinting. Today we will attempt to answer all your fracture questions as we explore what a fracture is, common mechanisms of … Read more

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custom splint for hand injury

Why is a custom splint needed after a repetitive hand injury?

A custom splint is often needed for repetitive hand injuries. Armworks Hand Therapy takes pride in providing treatments specifically for the elbows, wrists, and hands. This sometimes includes custom splinting. Learn more about repetitive hand injuries, what causes them, and why a custom splint may be necessary for optimal healing results. What are repetitive hand … Read more

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how is hand therapy different from physical therapy

How is Hand Therapy Different from Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapists and Certified Hand Therapists play a vital role in helping patients recover from accidents, injuries, and other health-related conditions. Both professional groups have extensive education and training in body mechanics and rehabilitation, giving patients the resources to manage a myriad of orthopedic injuries safely and effectively. Although there are many similarities, there are … Read more

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covid-19 letter blocks

COVID-19 Clinic Update: March 2021

We are OPEN and providing IN-PERSON VISITS at EVERY LOCATION! As COVID-19 continues to be a concern, SportsCare and Armworks remain committed to our patients and our promise to provide them with excellent rehabilitation care. To protect our patients and staff, we are taking every precaution necessary to maintain clean, comfortable, and safe facilities. We … Read more

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Why do my joints pop (lock & drop it)?

  Have you noticed that as we get older, we tend to do more “popping” and less “locking” and “dropping”? Everyone has experienced that unsettling feeling of hearing Rice Krispies noises when bending down to tie your shoe or the satisfaction of cracking your knuckles after finishing a task, but have you ever wondered what … Read more

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