Hips and Knees

Sciatica: The BACKstory

I’ve heard of the Sciatic Nerve, but what is it exactly? The sciatic nerve is the largest and longest nerve in the human body. Basically, its job is to connect the spinal cord to the skin and muscles in thighs, lower legs, and feet. It serves dual purposes, as both a motor nerve (transmits information … Read more

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Patellofemoral Pain: Could It Be My Hip Strength?

Patellofemoral pain is commonly thought to be related to abnormal tracking of the patella (knee cap) during loaded flexion and extension activities. The abnormal tracking increases joint reaction forces on the patella and may lead to increased stress on the articular cartilage. Various skeletal factors, such as an increased Q angle, quadriceps and hamstring strength … Read more

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knee arthroplasty

Returning to Golf Following Knee Arthroplasty

Golf is a popular sport, especially among older adults. However, this age period also represents a time when osteoarthritis (OA) can impede mobility and function, even during participation in low-impact activities such as golf. In many cases, patients who have severe OA will undergo total knee arthroplasty (TKA) with the intent of returning to recreational … Read more

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mountain sports strengthening

Video: Strengthening Exercises for Hikers

It’s time to get outside and enjoy some exercise in the sun! Because of our beautiful landscape, a very popular activity in the Pacific Northwest is hiking. Within Portland and the surrounding areas there are hundreds of trails which offer a fun getaway for hikers of all skill levels. To help ensure you are safe … Read more

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Video: Dynamic Control – Lower Body Progression

This dynamic control exercise will recruit your hip, leg and ankle musculature as it challenges your balance and multi-joint stability. This routine can be incorporated into many rehabilitation plans, especially those recovering from ankle injuries. If approved by your Physical Therapist, give this progression a try!

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Video: THE Winter Workout For 2016

We can all agree that humans are two-legged creatures. How often though, besides standing, are we actually on two legs while upright? Walking is a single leg activity.. Running is a single leg exercise.. Kicking a ball is a single leg skill.. So if you think about it, we spend a lot of our time … Read more

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Video: Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift (RDL)

This Single Leg RDL exercise focuses on lengthening and strengthening the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes and low back), while challenging your dynamic stability. The hinging movement seen in this exercise consists of a slow eccentric stretch in the hamstring followed by a rapid contraction of the glutes. The muscular benefits from this combination of movements … Read more

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Video: GLUTES!

Stretching.. Check! Mechanics.. Check! Alignment adjustments.. Check! Time off.. Check! Have you done everything under the sun to cure yourself of the knee pain you are experiencing? You may have thought so, but we have one more suggestion for you to try. One of the muscle groups likely to blame if you have runner’s knee, … Read more

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