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Patient-focused Comprehensive Physical Therapy and Hand Therapy

SportsCare Physical Therapy and Armworks Hand Therapy deliver professional, comprehensive, and motivating physical rehabilitation while providing the highest quality patient care.

Our Specialties

SportsCare and Armworks have extensive knowledge, education, and experience treating a
variety of injuries and conditions. Our therapists regularly treat the following and more…

SportsCare PT Director Joe Shannon

No Referral? No Problem!

  • Oregon law allows you, the patient, to decide where to attend physical or hand therapy.
  • If you will be using your private health insurance plan or paying directly, you are not required to see your doctor or medical provider before you begin physical therapy or hand therapy.
  • Patients being seen for work injuries, car accidents, or those with Medicare or Medicaid insurance plans do require a referral before starting therapy. If this applies to you but you are not sure where to go, we are happy to recommend a trusted medical provider within our community.

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Convenient Physical Therapy
And Hand Therapy – Near You

Convenient, Local Offices:
We want to make attending physical and hand therapy as easy for you as possible. We offer physical therapy and hand therapy services in 6 locations across the Greater Portland area.

Ample Parking with Handicap Access:
All of our locations have large parking lots with handicap access.

Flexible Appointment Options:
We understand our patients may have busy schedules. Our locations offer appointment times beginning in the early morning, throughout the day, afternoon, and evening.

Short Wait Times:
You won’t have to wait long to be seen at SportsCare or Armworks. Our offices work hard to see you promptly and avoid interruptions in your care.

We want rehabilitation to be a successful and enjoyable experience!

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Why Choose Us?

SportsCare and Armworks is dedicated to providing successful physical rehabilitation in a professional, welcoming and comfortable environment. Our physical and hand therapists are highly skilled, encouraging, and patient-focused. We work hard to help our patients achieve optimal results and to learn how to prevent re-injury, while making the rehab experience fun!

  • Locally Owned by our Therapists
  • Established in Portland, OR in 1963
  • Comprehensive, Individualized Treatment
  • Progressive technologies and techniques
  • Highly trained, skilled and personable physical and hand therapists
  • Patient education for continued success after treatment graduation
  • Short wait times
  • Convenient locations

Our Top Priority is Always You:
Your Care,
Your Recovery,
Your Experience.

SportsCare and Armworks

What We Treat at SportsCare Physical Therapy

What We Treat at Armworks Hand Therapy

We Are Highly Rated by Our
Patients And Local Doctors

I visited this team of kind, personable humans after sustaining a work injury. The two therapists, Caleb and Anthony, are so very kind, knowledgeable, and they met me where I was at, and get me back to my baseline. Although I am happy to no longer need their services, it does feel like a loss...

Jillian Review for Salem – SportsCarePT

Max my physical therapist was wonderful to work with and so encouraging through the process. He was knowledgeable and shared so many things going through. I had a shattered wrist and was post surgery. The whole office and staff are welcoming and helpful. I went to two other therapists and I enjoyed them and their...

Teresa O’Loughlin Review for Lake Oswego – Armworks

My experience at Armworks physical therapy was far better than stellar! Anne & Ryan are so excellent & caring at what they do & totally willing to educate & answer questions about the benefits of each exercise. I would highly recommend Armworks if you are in need of certified hand therapists. Thank you Anne &...

Kim Ledingham Review for NE Portland – Armworks

Joe has taken great care of my lower back and provided useful tools to maintain it. After surgery Tony lead the rehab of my left shoulder. Once again due to the correct path to recovery my shoulder is 100%. Now I am bringing an Achilles rupture to “the table” and things are moving along on...

Michael Randall Review for NE Portland – SportsCarePT

I worked mainly with Tiffany but also a few other therapists. They were very kind and compassionate and truly allowed me to live within the motto that there should not be pain. They helped me progress at the perfect speed for my wrist and I cannot thank them enough.

Shellymig Review for Gresham – Armworks

This is the best PT practice around, and it’s not close. George & his staff are SO kind, so helpful & really care about their patients. They’re going to help you get better and you’ll have fun in the office while you work on everything — it’s a great atmosphere and everyone is so knowledgeable....

Lindsay Schnell Review for Gresham – SportsCarePT

Ross at Armworks helped me get my strength and mobility back after a bad wrist break. He was super knowledgeable and well educated as well as kind and supportive. Everyone at the Clackamas location was friendly and made setting appointments and check in easy. I ended up back at Armworks a year later after the...

A Hopkins Review for Clackamas - Armworks

The SportsCare staff here are amazing. They helped me navigate through my injury from dealing with insurance to individualizing the strengthening exercises. Everyone I met here was amazing and I will be recommending them to all my friends and family if they need a physical therapy place. Thank you all so much, you are so...

Kaitlin Scheid Review for Clackamas - SportsCarePT

I have been seen here off and on for many years and have always been happy with the end results. They have treated me for back, hip and shoulder issues and I have always been pleased with the results. They are pleasant and optimistic and push me forward to the best results possible. Joe Shannon...

Judith L Glawe Review for Beaverton - SportsCarePT

The entire team at Armworks Beaverton is amazing. I remember my first visit back in November 2022 after a really bad injury that required surgery. I was so anxious about everything and Jessica was incredibly kind, patient, and knowledgeable when she made my brace and explained next steps. I will never forget her kindness. Since...

Kristin Cooper Review for Beaverton - Armworks

Everyone is amazing here! Therapy pool is saving my life after both legs were hit by a tree. Best PT place I have ever had. Wish I could go every day.

Marc A Review for Sandy – SportsCarePT
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SportsCare Physical Therapy and Armworks Hand Therapy

What You Can Expect

SportsCare Physical Therapy and Armworks Hand Therapy work as partners to deliver the ultimate rehabilitation experience. SportsCare offers comprehensive PT services, while Armworks provides specialized occupational therapy for elbow, wrist, and hand injuries. Both private practices incorporate ultra-modern recovery systems, give patients devoted one-on-one attention with skilled therapists, and create customized programs for success.

Treatment at SportsCare and Armworks begins with a professional evaluation from a physical therapist or hand therapist. Therapists take their time getting to know you as a person, not only thoroughly assessing your injury, but hearing your concerns, answering your questions, and discussing your rehabilitation goals.

SportsCare Physical Therapists and Armworks Hand Therapists create treatment plans that include a combination of leading technologies, manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and other specialized techniques. Patients are encouraged throughout their recovery process and empowered to reach their full potential. Patients are given long-term tools for success, including specific at-home exercises, strategies, and education on how to prevent re-injury.

We want rehabilitation to be a successful and enjoyable experience!

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