SportsCare Physical Therapy

SportsCare Physical Therapy offers comprehensive outpatient Physical Therapy services to the greater Portland area since 1963. Their team of therapists, assistants and athletic trainers have the expertise and experience to provide optimal care for almost any diagnosis…

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Armworks Hand Therapy

Armworks Hand Therapy delivers the highest quality care for elbow, wrist and hand injuries. Certified Hand Therapists to treat the most difficult hand reconstruction, surgical procedures and custom splinting in the field. Also located throughout the greater Portland area.

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We help with…

What we treat

We treat and help patients with many different conditions. We use a multitude of specialized services and techniques to help those
recovering from surgery or those dealing with an acute or chronic injury. Here examples of conditions we treat.

neck and back pain treatment

Neck and Back

shoulder pain treatment

Shoulder, Hip and Knee

hand therapy

Elbow, Wrist & Hand

Foot and Ankle treatment

Foot and Ankle

Custom Splinting

Custom Splinting

post surgical physical therapy

Pre and Post-Surgical

spinal adjustment

Adjustment / Manipulation

headache and tmj pain treatment

Headache / TMJ pain

balance treatment

Balance and Dizziness

No Prescription or Doctor’s Referral? No Problem…

  • Oregon laws provides you with the right to direct access to licensed physical therapists without a physician’s referral or prescription.
  • You can get an Immediate consultation with your physical therapist to determine if therapy is needed or if further examination by another healthcare practitioner is warranted.
  • You have the freedom to choose a physical therapist as you would an MD, DO, chiropractor, dentist, or other healthcare professional.

Why Choose SportsCare and Armworks…

  • Tradition: A rich history of treating our local community for the last 55 years.
  • Environment: A friendly, pleasant, upbeat atmosphere in modern, comfortable clinic settings.
  • Convenience: Early and late appointment with same day, walk-in patients welcome.
  • Progressive: Use of latest rehabilitation techniques and innovative equipment in everyday treatments.
  • Individualized: Global, whole-person approach to treating both the injury and all contributing factors.
  • Results: Full spectrum of care from injury to function to performance.
  • Educational: Patient involvement with knowledge of injury pathology and the physiology of recovery.
  • Comprehensive: Professional staff of Physical Therapists and Certified Hand Therapists treating everything from head to toe.

Physical Therapy and Hand Therapy Services

Professional evaluation of muscle, joint and neuromuscular systems

Development of progressive treatment program that meets the patient’s individual needs

One-on-one hands-on appointments with certified specialists

Application of modalities and manual techniques for injury recovery and patient comfort

Appropriate patient education for continued success


Patient Forms

Please print the patient forms below. Complete the forms at your convenience and remember to bring them with you to your first scheduled visit.


Care Connections

Please print and complete the appropriate outcome survey and bring with you to your first visit.


Physician Use

Referral Form. This copy may be faxed, mailed or hand delivered to the clinic. Please DO NOT EMAIL


What Patients Are Saying … about Sportscare Physical Therapy and Armworks Services from our online reviews

Very knowledgeable. Takes the time to know you personally and tailors a custom plan to meet your needs. Highly recommended! I would refer others, especially friends and family.


They are amazing! They take the time to ask me how I am doing and how I have been since they last saw me. They answer all my questions and are truthful about my progress…


The location is very easy to find and I never had any problems with scheduling. My therapist help me stay focused mentally and physically to work towards getting stronger and stronger …


Joe is a miracle worker – I came in with a lingering issue with my shoulder. He quickly diagnosed it, gave me a PT regime to do at home (instructions with videos on my phone, how easy is that?!?)


Last Friday, my daughter, who plays JV basketball, needed assistance from the Sandy High School staff. Late in the 4th quarter of the JV game she went down with a knee injury. Typically, she is very reserved, brushes off pain, and carries on. However, this time, that was not the case. When she did not pop up right away, I was concerned. I did not get the name of the Athletic Trainer for the school, but he was quick to assist my daughter. I want to say thank you for having such a caring, quick responding, and calming Athletic Trainer. I was internally distraught at the sight of seeing my daughter in so much pain, yet he was able to console her and had her smiling and I believe had her mind elsewhere while he did his exam. The whole process was quick, steady, and efficient. During halftime of the Varsity game, the Athletic Trainer came out and did a follow up with my daughter and provided a wrap and crutches which wasn’t expected but highly appreciated. Just know that you have a great guy working for you.

S. Miller

Exercise Video Library

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Video: Mirror Box Therapy

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Video: Seventh Inning Shoulder Stretch

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Video: Prone Shoulder Series

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Video: Ankle Mobility

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Video: Foam Rolling – Piriformis and Glutes

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Video: Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a common practice used in a multitude of athletic and rehabilitation scenes. Called self-myofascial release (SMR), or self-massage, foam rolling is...

Video: Push-Up

While the push-up is a great exercise for building your chest muscles, this compound movement also focuses on your arms, shoulders, back, abdominals and...

Video: Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift (RDL)

This Single Leg RDL exercise focuses on lengthening and strengthening the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes and low back), while challenging your dynamic stability. The...

Video: Full Body Circuit

Looking for a little guidance when it comes to working out? Try starting with this great full body circuit from Gresham’s Cameron Purington, ATC....

Video: Stretching: Dynamic vs Static

The following video addresses the different methods used to stretch, specifically static vs dynamic. Watch Athletic Trainers Cameron Purington (Gresham SportsCare, Barlow HS) and...

Video: GLUTES!

Stretching.. Check! Mechanics.. Check! Alignment adjustments.. Check! Time off.. Check! Have you done everything under the sun to cure yourself of the knee pain...

Video: Pallof Press

The Pallof Press is an exercise which focuses on the core, and the different angles it works in. The Pallof Press, named after physical therapist...

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