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smart goals
Making SMART Goals

Dreams are important but they’re not the same as goals. Goals (when written well), like dreams, are aspirational – but they’re also more specific. While a dream may be the roof of a building, goals…

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ways walking keeps you well
10 Ways Walking Keeps You Well

The American Heart Association recommends that you walk or perform moderate aerobic activity for a total of 150 minutes per week. This is ideally spread throughout the week and can even be performed in shorter…

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mikayla's pilate exercise
Mikayla’s Top 10 Pilates Exercises

  Have you been searching for a full-body, low-impact workout option? You know, one not as generic as lifting weights or biking a few miles? Great news! Pilates may be the perfect choice for you!…

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Yoga Poses
Everyday Health: 7 Yoga Poses You Should Master

Why Yoga? Yoga is a great activity that strengthens, stabilizes, and reduces stress. Adding any of these exercises to your daily routine can improve your health and wellness! #1: Extended Child’s Pose (Balasana) Benefits of…

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Kettlebell exercises
10 Greatest Kettlebell Exercises EVER!

Disclaimer: This is a subjective statement made by the author and is subject to change and possibly already has! The kettlebell is simple and basic, yet highly effective at building strength, power, endurance, and flexibility….

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My Bodyweight Exercises
My 10(ish) Go-To Bodyweight Exercises

Whether you’re stuck at home and have no equipment, aren’t wanting to go to the gym giventhe current situation, or are on a vacation and the only piece of equipment in the hotel “gym” is…

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Stretching: That’s Tight, Yo!

Hello, Pain Pals, We always hear stretching is the answer… Feeling sore? Stretch. Feeling weak? Stretch. Wake up? Stretch. But why is stretching important and what effect does it have on our bodies. I am…

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aerial circus arts
Aerial Circus Arts – A Physical Therapists Perspective on Injury and Training

There is an increasing number of people discovering aerial circus arts. Men and women of all ages are now participating this acrobatic activity. Despite the growing popularity of circus training, the high demand placed on…

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