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Indoor Cycling: Set-Up Tips for Oregon’s Rainy Season

The days are getting shorter, wetter, and cooler, but that does not mean that the cycling season is over. Some may choose to retreat to the indoors for their riding and fitness fix, and if you do, there are ways to make it more enjoyable and comfortable. Below I have outlined some great tips and…

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Running Shoes: Choose Comfort Over Cuteness

All too often, shoes are purchased based on design or brand loyalty. Even if the shoe is not correct for the athlete or sport, they will sacrifice comfort for a product that pleases the eye. This is something we need to overcome and get away from. There are three main types of running shoes on…

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Why do my joints pop (lock & drop it)?

  Have you noticed that as we get older, we tend to do more “popping” and less “locking” and “dropping”? Everyone has experienced that unsettling feeling of hearing Rice Krispies noises when bending down to tie your shoe or the satisfaction of cracking your knuckles after finishing a task, but have you ever wondered what…

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Tips for Improving Comfort When Working from Home

“Improvement Comes from Movement” Whether you kept traditional office hours or now work from home, we are all under more stress as we adapt to change and navigate the unknown. As many individuals are now working from home away from their usual workstations, possibly taking on the additional workload of laid-off coworkers, and adding the…

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Home Gym Equipment

Must Have Equipment for Your Home Gym

  Patients often ask me what home equipment would be best for them to purchase? That seems like a simple question, but when you think about it, there are many different answers. What do they like to do for exercise? Do you have any underlying conditions? What can you afford? What are your goals? In…

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Vertigo: You’re Too Busy to Be This Dizzy!

  Hello, Pain Pals, Hi, I’m Tara, a Physical Therapist at Gresham SportsCare and today we are going to discuss the vestibular system, vertigo, and what physical therapy can do to help patients who experience these room spinning symptoms. What do you feel when you think about the Disney teacup ride? If you’re anything like…

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My Bodyweight Exercises - SCPT
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My 10(ish) Go-To Bodyweight Exercises

  Whether you’re stuck at home and have no equipment, aren’t wanting to go to the gym given the current situation, or are on a vacation and the only piece of equipment in the hotel “gym” is a crappy elliptical, having an arsenal of bodyweight exercises to choose from can come in handy when your…

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Sports Hernia – It is Not What You Think

Despite its misleading name, a “Sports Hernia” is not a hernia at all. This painful groin condition is actually called Athletic Pubalgia and is a result of torn abdominal muscles that attach to the pelvis. Traditional Hernia vs. Sports Hernia A traditional hernia (commonly inguinal and umbilical most common) is a result of an internal…

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Stretching: That’s Tight, Yo!

Hello, Pain Pals, We always hear stretching is the answer… Feeling sore? Stretch. Feeling weak? Stretch. Wake up? Stretch. But why is stretching important and what effect does it have on our bodies. I am Tara, a Physical Therapist at SportsCare PT in Gresham, OR, and today we are going to discuss what stretching does…

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Exercise: A Little Goes A Long Way

After an injury or surgery, you may be faced with unexpected physical deficits. These new limitations not only impact your performance when completing daily tasks but may also hinder your ability to mentally cope with the injury. It is hard for some people to wrap their mind around the idea that our bodies can break…

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