Spinal Manipulation Treatment


What is spinal manipulation?

Vertebral Column Chart

Spinal Manipulation therapy or “spinal adjustment” is a skilled technique used by trained Physical Therapists. Patients experiencing neck stiffness, back pain or headaches may benefit from the use of this technique. When muscle spasms are present due to soft tissue dysfunction, the vertebral joints tend to demonstrate reduced mobility and end up feeling stiff which results in localized aches and pains. Reduced spinal range of motion, muscle spasms, and pain are usually the indicators that demonstrate that spinal manipulation will benefit the patient.

Spinal Manipulation Treatment

Our skilled SportsCare Physical Therapists can assess your spine through a series of tests as part of an overall comprehensive evaluation. This helps determine if a spinal manipulation therapy treatment would be an appropriate treatment option for the patient.
This hands-on procedure involves the high velocity, but low amplitude thrust of the targeted vertebral segments.
Popping sounds or crackling noises are often heard. These sounds are considered to be the result of gases being let loose from the synovial joint fluid which lubricates the vertebral segments and results in a “popping” noise.
Therefore, there is improved joint mobility and a reduction in muscle spasms along the vertebrae. By breaking the pain-spasm cycle, the patient experiences pain relief, improved mobility and overall improved function in the treated area.

Combine with Exercise

Evidence based research suggests that manipulation of the spine in conjunction with a steady exercise routine provides the best short term and long-term outcomes compared to spine manipulation therapy and/or exercise alone. This is particularly true for patients with low back pain.
Additionally, certain types of headaches that originate in the upper cervical spine region may be misdiagnosed as migraine headaches, and medication is unnecessarily prescribed. After a thorough evaluation by our trained Physical Therapists, a cervical spine manipulation in conjunction with therapeutic exercise may be used to treat the patient’s dysfunction. To begin treatments, request an appointment online to be seen at one of our five convenient locations.
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