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Exercise Video Library

Cameron’s Top Exercises Using Resistance Bands
Cameron’s Top Exercises Using Resistance Bands

Resistance bands have come a long way since their birth in the mid-19th century. I can only imagine some medical students messing around with surgical tubing to make slingshots then realizing their arms were starting…

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Kettlebell exercises
10 Greatest Kettlebell Exercises EVER!

Disclaimer: This is a subjective statement made by the author and is subject to change and possibly already has! The kettlebell is simple and basic, yet highly effective at building strength, power, endurance, and flexibility….

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My Bodyweight Exercises
My 10(ish) Go-To Bodyweight Exercises

Whether you’re stuck at home and have no equipment, aren’t wanting to go to the gym giventhe current situation, or are on a vacation and the only piece of equipment in the hotel “gym” is…

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mountain sports strengthening
Video: Strengthening Exercises for Hikers

It’s time to get outside and enjoy some exercise in the sun! Because of our beautiful landscape, a very popular activity in the Pacific Northwest is hiking. Within Portland and the surrounding areas there are…

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thoracic upper back mobility
Video: Thoracic Mobility

Thoracic mobility is important for many things, including: proper posture, efficient upper limb movement, and safely rotating the trunk without straining the low back. Watch this video then attempt these simple exercises if you are…

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Video: Correct Posture with Upper Back Strength

Look around.. I bet you will see more people with slouched backs and forward shoulders than people who are in a tall, open chested and upright position. Am I right? Poor posture is very common,…

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Video: Mirror Box Therapy

Mirror box therapy is used to relieve pain and improve movement after injury or surgery. Visual feedback from the mirror “tricks” the brain into thinking both limbs are moving symmetrically, allowing the affected limb to…

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Video: Seventh Inning Shoulder Stretch

As basketball season comes to an end, we leave the hardwood for the fresh cut grass of the baseball diamond. Yes, this means we get to bust open the bags of sunflower seeds. And yes,…

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