Aquatic Pool Therapy

What Is Aquatic Pool Therapy and Is It Right for Me?

Sandy SportsCare Physical Therapy offers Aquatic Pool Therapy! Aquatic Therapy is similar to traditional physical therapy, but instead of on land, it takes place in the comfort of a warm pool. The unique properties of water reduce the effects of gravity and increase range of motion. The body becomes buoyant, putting less stress on the muscles, joints, and bones. The relaxing environment promotes circulation, gearing up the whole body for optimal rehabilitation
Those who have issues with balance and posture, chronic pain, or those who are generally deconditioned are great candidates for this training. The water provides resistance, but also support and there is minimal risk of falling. Patients are able to concentrate their time and focus on correct form, while building up their endurance. They gain better control of their movements and see faster results.

Patients recovering from sports injuries, auto accidents, or post-surgical procedures can also greatly benefit from this system. In addition to the water reducing pain and swelling, patients can slowly ease into bearing more weight on a given area. The affected muscles are gradually engaged with control and intention. This creates an ideal environment to reach therapy goals while preventing reinjury.

Even athletes in top shape can improve from Aquatic Therapy. Resistance exercises are controlled, and muscle soreness and recovery time is reduced. Training automatically includes balance and core strengthening, so in each session multiple muscle groups are worked simultaneously.

Are you a candidate for Aquatic Pool Therapy at Sandy SportsCare?

  • Are you recovering from an injury or surgery?
  • Do you have a condition that does not allow you to bear weight fully?
  • Do you need help with balance, coordination, and agility?
  • Are you an athlete wanting to train in a controlled environment?

If you answered YES to any of the above, Aquatic Pool Therapy may benefit you! Sandy SportsCare Physical Therapists are ready to discuss a treatment plan that best meets your specific situation and recovery goals. For more questions or to set up an evaluation appointment, please contact Sandy SportsCare Physical Therapy at (503) 668-5321 or request an appointment online to get started today!

Although Aquatic Pool Therapy is only offered at the Sandy SportsCare location, the surrounding SportsCare clinics offer services to specifically address balance and/or weight bearing restrictions: Gresham SportsCare has an AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, NE Portland and Beaverton locations offer the Unweighted Treadmill System, and Clackamas SportsCare has parallel bars.