Occupational Therapy: Eliminate Pain, Restore Motion, Make You Stronger

Why should I go to Occupational Therapy?

When you are having difficulty doing the things you’d like to do at home, at work or at play you should attend Occupational Therapy. An Occupational Therapist (OT) can help reduce pain, improve range of motion, and increase strength. Occupational Therapy helps you regain the ability to perform tasks needed for daily life.

What does Occupational Therapy at Armworks look like?

difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy

The Occupational Therapy team at Armworks specializes in treatment of the elbow, wrist and hand.  These therapists are your guide and use a combination their skills in treatment as well as educating you as a patient in the ways of success for the healing of your elbow, wrist and hand injury.

What types of injuries does Occupational Therapy work with?

Armworks Hand Therapy treats injuries involving the bones, tendons, nerves, joints and ligaments of the elbow, wrist and hand. Therapy may be needed as a result of a fall, an accident, or even an on-going condition. We see patients with tennis elbow, wrist/finger fractures, tendonitis, wound care and carpal tunnel syndrome. We also treat patients that have had hand therapy surgery to repair cut tendons, nerves or vessels.

What is the difference between Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy?

Both Physical Therapists and Hand Therapists treat issues caused by diseases, conditions, or trauma. Physical therapy focuses on movement, pain relief and regaining the ability to actively participate in given activities. Occupational Therapists typically focus on restoring function in a patient’s daily life, as well as reducing pain. SportsCare employs Physical Therapists that focus on all areas of the body excluding the elbows, hands, and wrists.

Armworks Hand Therapy employs Occupational (Hand) Therapists and Physical (Hand)Therapists, who specifically work with the elbow, wrist, or hand.

If you have an elbow, wrist, or hand issue which affects your everyday function, then a hand therapy evaluation may be beneficial. Please contact one of our clinics or request an appointment today!