Injury Education

6 Steps to getting back into activity after injury

You’ve probably been there before; I know I have. An audible pop, crack, or pulling sensation followed by sharp pain, loss of motion, and fear of what just happened. You don’t want to believe it, so you attempt to make another movement and the pain increases. Your body is telling you to stop and protect,…

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Proper Lifting Techniques

Disclaimer: The lifting techniques contained within this document will reduce your chance of sustaining an injury if done properly. SportsCare issues no statement claiming these lifting techniques will 100% prevent injury. If you experience any pain or discomfort while lifting an object, please report to your Physical Therapist. Please contact SportsCare if you have any…

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Patellofemoral Pain – Could It Be My Hip Strength?

Patellofemoral pain is commonly thought to be related to abnormal tracking of the patella (knee cap) during loaded flexion and extension activities. The abnormal tracking increases joint reaction forces on the patella and may lead to increased stress on the articular cartilage. Various skeletal factors, such as an increased Q angle, quadriceps and hamstring strength…

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certified athletic trainer

A Day in the Life of an Athletic Trainer

My name is Maddie and I am the Certified Athletic Trainer at Reynolds High School. March is National Athletic Training Month so I thought I’d help you understand a little bit more about what my role is and how I can help you or your son/daughter recover from an injury. First things first: What is…

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how to manage injury while on vacation

Tips for Traveling with an Injury

We’ve had a family vacation planned for over a year. The airplane tickets are purchased with no insurance because I’m sure nothing will go wrong! The hotel is booked, and we are stoked because it has a pool (the kids love to swim). I’ve even been going to the tanning bed so I don’t burn…

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mallet finger

Mallet Finger AKA Baseball Finger

A mallet finger is an injury that happens after forceful bending of the joint nearest the fingernail, such as when an object strikes the end of the finger.  This results in tearing or overstretching of the tendon that straightens the finger. Occasionally, a small piece of bone breaks off as well; this is called an…

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Options for Pain Management

Pain is a symptom of a larger medical issue. The sensation of pain is generated by the brain when it perceives a threat to a person’s well-being. Pain is an individual experience, one we all respond to differently, both physically and emotionally. Because of these varied responses, the pain we experience may not always accurately…

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Rapid Recovery at Gresham SportsCare

Gresham SportsCare is the proud owner of the NormaTec Dynamic Compression Therapy System! NormaTec uses pulsed massage to mobilize fluid out of the extremities through a specific zone-by-zone pattern. By enhancing the transport of fluid out of your limbs after exercise or rehabilitation, you allow a better, quicker recovery between sessions. Rather than using static…

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Scar Massage Following Hand Surgery

Massage is an integral part of proper healing and scar formation following hand surgery. Tissue adhesion or thick scarring at the surgery site may cause complications such as limited range of motion or loss of sensitivity. Read this short article for more information on the benefits of massage. Talk with your certified hand therapist to…

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X-Ray, CT Scan and MRI… What’s The Difference?

We often hear the names of different health imaging techniques, but may not fully understand how they work or what kind of image the produce. Diagnostic imaging techniques help find the cause of an injury or illness. These tools allow specialists to “see” inside your body, providing a “picture” of your bones, organs, muscles, tendons,…

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