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Vertigo: You’re Too Busy to Be This Dizzy!

  Hello, Pain Pals, Hi, I’m Tara, a Physical Therapist at Gresham SportsCare and today we are going to discuss the vestibular system, vertigo, and what physical therapy can do to help patients who experience these room spinning symptoms. What do you feel when you think about the Disney teacup ride? If you’re anything like…

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My 10(ish) Go-To Bodyweight Exercises

  Whether you’re stuck at home and have no equipment, aren’t wanting to go to the gym given the current situation, or are on a vacation and the only piece of equipment in the hotel “gym” is a crappy elliptical, having an arsenal of bodyweight exercises to choose from can come in handy when your…

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Smartphone Hand Pain: Advice from a Hand Therapist

Whether you’re checking your email, texting family and friends, or connecting on social media, the reality is your phone may seem like an extension of your body. Unfortunately, repetitive use of electronic devices can lead to undesired consequences in your hands and arms. A hand therapist can help you modify how you use your phone…

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Youth Sport Specificity – The Professional Sports Dream

Young Athletes And Physical Therapy “I want my child to do sports and make it to the pro’s someday.” How many parents dream of their child(ren) becoming the next great sports star? As nice as this sounds, it doesn’t come without repercussions. In recent years, we have noticed in physical therapy that we are treating…

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What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Energy.” It is an alternative therapy commonly referred to as healing energy. Reiki is a healing technique that emerged in the late 1800’s which activates the body’s natural healing process. It allows positive energy to revive and repair, promoting a natural balance between mind, body, and spirit….

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Trigger Point Therapy Using A Lacrosse Ball

Do you have tight muscles? If the answer is yes, you likely have trigger points. Trigger points = “knots” = a contracted area of muscle. These trigger points cause pain, weakness and restriction in your motion. With use of a lacrosse ball you can do self-trigger point releases on many muscles. To release a trigger…

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6 Steps to getting back into activity after injury

You’ve probably been there before; I know I have. An audible pop, crack, or pulling sensation followed by sharp pain, loss of motion, and fear of what just happened. You don’t want to believe it, so you attempt to make another movement and the pain increases. Your body is telling you to stop and protect,…

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Creating Healthy Habits

Pushed the snooze button again, didn’t you? Changing health habits is tough. It’s so easy to tell yourself “one more day won’t hurt, I’ll just start tomorrow.” Well, tomorrow becomes next week and next week becomes three months. Ten pounds later you have gained the five pounds you intended to lose. Aaahhhh now what? Relax,…

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Technology Neck – Is it Effecting You?

As we race deeper into the 21st century, we shift further and further away from traditional industry to an economy based on technology. This Digital Age has put a mobile device in the hands of most adults and older children in the United States, allowing them instant access to nearly all information wherever they are….

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Prehabilitation – What You Need To Know

The advantages of completing post-surgical physical therapy have been established for years, but what about pre-surgical therapy? “Prehab” or therapy completed prior to surgery is a growing trend that allows patients shorter, more successful recovery periods after the surgery is completed. Prehabilitation initially gained popularity with orthopedists completing total joint replacements. They recognized the importance…

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