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Shoulder Rehabilitation

Salem Physical Therapy As a “ball and socket” joint, the glenohumeral joint (what we think of as the “shoulder”) has a lot of mobility. In fact, it is typically the most mobile joint in the entire body. With all the shoulder’s mobility comes the inherent need for stability. We get some stability from supporting ligaments and cartilage, but most of its stability comes from a strong, balanced and coordinated muscular system. Common causes of shoulder pain

  • Labral tears are common and can be caused by either an acute injury or by repetitive stress. Common symptoms include shoulder pain, “clicking” or “popping” and feelings of instability in the shoulder.
  • Rotator cuff tears are common, even in individuals with no shoulder pain. These can be caused by either acute or repetitive use injuries.
  • The acromioclavicular joint (AC joint) sits at the top of the shoulder and is often sprained when falling onto your shoulder, running into and object or falling onto an outstretched arm. Pain is typically felt when reaching across your chest, overhead or when directly pressing on the joint.
  • Arthritis can affect the shoulder as well, restricting motion and limiting strength due to pain.

Non-surgical options: In most cases of shoulder pain or injury, physical therapy is the first line of treatment. Even if you have a labral tear or rotator cuff tear, evidence shows that physical therapy can be just as effective as surgery in many cases. You are also likely to save on costs and time loss. Post-surgical care: Following shoulder surgery such as labral repair, rotator cuff repair, debridement, acromioplasty, joint replacement or reconstruction, physical therapy care is integral in helping you to restore motion, strength and function and to reduce your pain. If you are looking for relief from your shoulder pain, call us now to schedule an examination with one of our skilled orthopedic physical therapists for a specific diagnosis and individualized treatment plan to get you moving in the right direction.

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