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AlterG Treadmill

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What is the AlterG?

The AlterG treadmill is a NASA designed anti-gravity device that allows athletes to train with reduced stress and impact. The treadmill provides up to 80% body weight support, allowing one to walk or run with less strain on the bones, joints and muscles.

Why should you care?

The AlterG has been chosen by many leading sports medicine experts, trainers and elite athletes as the best tool for injury care and prevention. Keeping you upright in true running form, you will be able to run farther and faster than normal, without pain or discomfort.

Who should train on the AlterG?

Whether you are a fitness fan training for life, or a workout junkie competing for gold, you should be training on this brilliant piece of machinery. Either way you approach running, you can now cross-train to prevent injuries with the AlterG, allowing you to stay on track with your health goals or marathon training program. The body takes a lot of abuse running 50+ miles on the hard pavement every week. Breaking up your distance runs using the AlterG saves your musculoskeletal system, allowing you to be in top performance shape come race day.

Common injuries trained through using the AlterG

Ankle sprains/strains, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis/repair, stress fractures, shin splints, calf strains, ACL and PCL sprain/reconstruction, patellar tendonitis, chronic patellofemoral pain, hamstring or quadriceps strain, iliotibial band syndrome.

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Run Hard. Run Smart. Run Always.

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