Unweighted Treadmill System

An Unweighted Treadmill System uses a harness to partially suspend a patient’s body weight above a traditional treadmill. Since the patient does not have the full force of gravity pulling them down, there is much less strain on their muscles, joints, and bones. The patient feels the safety of the harness, making it easier to move through their rehabilitation process with confidence.

Those who have issues with balance and posture are great candidates for this training. The Physical Therapist can manually reposition the patient’s lower extremities to train the body to become stronger while it is properly aligned. Simply put, the patient learns how to walk with correct posture. Because there is no risk of falling, anxiety is quickly reduced. The patient can concentrate on recovery, rather than anticipating their next tumble. With the support of the harness, little to no pain is experienced, making the entire process more enjoyable than traditional physical therapy. Patients are able to dedicate their time and focus on correct form, while building up their endurance. They gain better control of their movements and see faster results.

Patients recovering from a surgery or injury can also greatly benefit from this system, as they are able to slowly work up to bearing more weight on a given area. The affected muscles are gradually engaged with control and intention. This creates an ideal environment to maximize results and prevent reinjury.

SportsCare Physical Therapists are highly trained on the Unweighted Treadmill System. It is currently offered at the Beaverton SportsCare location. Gresham SportsCare has an AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, Sandy SportsCare offers Aquatic Therapy, and Clackamas SportsCare has parallel bars to specifically address patients with balance and/or weight bearing restrictions.

Are you a candidate for the Unweighted Treadmill System?

  • Have you had a surgery or injury relating to your spine or lower limbs?
  • Do you have a condition or illness that prevents you from walking with proper posture?
  • Are you obese or deconditioned and ready to ease into a more active lifestyle?
  • Are you ready to get in better shape, but you fear you may fall?

If you answered YES to any of the above, an Unweighted Treadmill System may benefit you! SportsCare Physical Therapists are ready to discuss a treatment plan that best meets your specific situation and recovery goals. For more questions or to set up an evaluation appointment, please contact SportsCare Physical Therapy or request an appointment online to get started today!