motor vehicle accident

Why Physical Therapy is Important Following Motor Vehicle Accident

It is a reality. Motor vehicle accidents happen, and when they do, you often end up injuring more than just your vehicle. Each year, over 6 million accidents occur in America. Most of these are minor fender benders, but that does not eliminate the chance of you injuring your back or neck in the process. … Read more

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back pain with golfing

Physical Therapy for Back Pain with Golfing

It’s that time of year. The sun is coming out, the grass is growing fast, and those sticks in the garage are calling your name. You got the perfect tee time at your favorite course on Saturday morning and it’s looking like a fine start to the season. Halfway through the round, you begin to … Read more

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referred pain

WHAT ARE YOU REFERRING TO?? Referred Pain Explained

  You stub your toe… Ouch, it hurts! No one likes to be in pain. We must be willing to accept pain if we are the cause (you probably should not have jumped off that ___), but random pains are confusing and frustrating. This brings up the idea of referred pain. Have you heard of … Read more

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Sciatica: The BACKstory

I’ve heard of the Sciatic Nerve, but what is it exactly? The sciatic nerve is the largest and longest nerve in the human body. Basically, its job is to connect the spinal cord to the skin and muscles in thighs, lower legs, and feet. It serves dual purposes, as both a motor nerve (transmits information … Read more

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Posture – The Key to a Healthy Back and Neck

Stand up straight! Why do you always slouch so much! You’re sticking your tummy out!  Blah, blah, blah! How many times have we all heard this?  Way too many times!  But what is the solution?  How do we improve our posture? Duct tape a 2 x 4 to our backs? The fact is, most of … Read more

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how to manage injury while on vacation

Tips for Traveling with an Injury

We’ve had a family vacation planned for over a year. The airplane tickets are purchased with no insurance because I’m sure nothing will go wrong! The hotel is booked, and we are stoked because it has a pool (the kids love to swim). I’ve even been going to the tanning bed so I don’t burn … Read more

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causes of low back pain

Low Back Pain – Do I Need Physical Therapy?

Want to hear something CRAZY?!?! It’s recorded that 8 out of 10 Americans suffer from low back and/or neck pain at some point in their lives (APTA). That’s a little discouraging, right? Well, the good news is 100% of Physical Therapists know how to prevent and treat it. Don’t worry, we have your back (pun … Read more

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thoracic upper back mobility

Video: Thoracic Mobility

Thoracic mobility is important for many things, including: proper posture, efficient upper limb movement, and safely rotating the trunk without straining the low back. Watch this video then attempt these simple exercises if you are suffering from poor upper back (thoracic) mobility.

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Video: Correct Posture with Upper Back Strength

Look around.. I bet you will see more people with slouched backs and forward shoulders than people who are in a tall, open chested and upright position. Am I right? Poor posture is very common, and it leads to many injuries, including: Chronic Back Pain Subluxations (Slipped Discs) Kyphosis (Hump Back) Sciatica Neck Pain Shoulder … Read more

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