Ankle and Foot

Now Walk It Out

Did you know weak or tight muscles may alter the way you walk? Did you also know that physical therapists study walking mechanics for multiple years and therefor know how you should or should not, Walk It Out? If not, you are in the right place! Hi, I’m Tara, a physical therapist at SportsCare PT … Read more

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running shoes

Running Shoes: Choose Comfort Over Cuteness

All too often, shoes are purchased based on design or brand loyalty. Even if the shoe is not correct for the athlete or sport, they will sacrifice comfort for a product that pleases the eye. This is something we need to overcome and get away from. There are three main types of running shoes on … Read more

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mountain sports strengthening

Video: Strengthening Exercises for Hikers

It’s time to get outside and enjoy some exercise in the sun! Because of our beautiful landscape, a very popular activity in the Pacific Northwest is hiking. Within Portland and the surrounding areas there are hundreds of trails which offer a fun getaway for hikers of all skill levels. To help ensure you are safe … Read more

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R.I.C.E – It’s not JUST a food!

The weather is getting nice, which means you will be outside running and jumping and biking on a more consistent basis. No matter how careful you are though, injuries happen. Stepping off the curb wrong, planting your foot at an awkward angle while turning, hiking on an uneven surface… These simple mistakes can lead to … Read more

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Video: Dynamic Control – Lower Body Progression

This dynamic control exercise will recruit your hip, leg and ankle musculature as it challenges your balance and multi-joint stability. This routine can be incorporated into many rehabilitation plans, especially those recovering from ankle injuries. If approved by your Physical Therapist, give this progression a try!

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Video: Ankle Mobility

Poor range of motion in the ankle affects your ability to function correctly as an athlete. Proper dorsiflexion (toes toward the shin) is important for many functional movements, including, squatting, step down activities and landing from a jump. When this motion is limited, you increase your chance for injury along the anatomical chain (shins, knees, … Read more

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