Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain relief Who hasn’t woken up with a stiff neck? This inconvenience of life is not only painful, but limit your head movement as well. In certain individuals, the neck is the most problematic part of the body. The mid-back features a bony support, but this support is absent in both the neck and low back region. The neck receives most of its stability from soft tissues like ligaments.

So, how do you find relief from your neck pain? To answer this question, we must understand why the neck hurts in the first place. The process starts with a comprehensive evaluation from a skilled Physical Therapist. Through this evaluation, you will understand why you have neck pain and a plan is developed to treat the problem.

neck-muscles painCommon reasons for neck pain:

Posture-Related Neck Pain

Your head can weigh as much as a small bowling ball. Sitting in front of a computer screen all day can lead to neck pain if you have poor posture. This weight adds stress to the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the back of your neck when it’s held in a forward position for a significant length of time.

Trauma from a Motor Vehicle Accident

Another common cause of neck pain is a result of a motor vehicle accident – often times referred to as “whiplash”. The thrusting and shifting of your head and neck produces a shearing strain on the ligaments and muscles along your spine. This traumatic experiences results in neck stiffness, muscle soreness and often times headaches.

Age-Related Arthritis

Arthritis or age-related stiffness is another common cause of neck pain. Because of the wear and tear of life, the vertebral segments and discs degenerates through the years. As a result, inflammation or swelling within the spine region leads to stiffness and muscles soreness.

Disc Problems

Discs are the shock absorbers that exists in between the vertebrae of your Neck pain relief. As you age, the discs are less spongy and are apt to wear thin and often times bulge outward due to repetitive movement and pressure. This creates potential neck pain and possible motion restrictions.

These are four examples of common neck pain sources. There are many approaches a skilled Physical Therapist can use to address the different causes of neck pain. Hands-on-techniques, such as massage, neck adjustment and joint mobilization may be used. Request an appointment online to be evaluated by a skilled Physical Therapist at SportsCare if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.