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Sports Physical Therapy

What is Sports Physical Therapy?

Sports physical therapy includes rehabilitating acute, chronic, or repetitive athletic injuries, helping athletes achieve their sports performance goals, and preventing future sports injuries. At SportsCare and Armworks, our physical therapists and hand therapists treat athletes of all ages, abilities, and competition levels.

Sports Physical Therapy at SportsCare and Armworks

Considering the tasks and demands of your sport or athletic activity, our physical and hand therapists will assess your mobility, strength, balance, and coordination. They will work with you to recover from athletic injuries, improve your athletic performance, and teach you strategies to prevent (re)injury. If needed, your sports physical therapist will evaluate your ability to pass a sport-specific test. This will indicate your safety and preparedness for return to play.

Common Sports Injuries

SportsCare Physical Therapy and Armworks Hand Therapy help athletes recover from acute, chronic, and repetitive injuries that were caused by numerous sports or athletic activities. Sports physical therapy is used to rehabilitate these common sports injuries:

Common Sports Injuries

Sports Physical Therapy Benefits

Sports physical therapy is appropriate for many types of athletes and physically active individuals. It is beneficial for solo sport athletes, players on competitive and/or recreational teams, and former athletes looking to get back in the game. Attending sports physical therapy is valuable because it provides:

  • Sports injury recovery
  • Improvement of athletic form/sports performance
  • Training to increase speed, endurance and strength
  • Improvement of balance and agility
  • Improvement of range of motion and flexibility
  • Progressive, individualized performance training plan
  • Sports-specific conditioning program
  • Sport reintegration
  • Education for injury prevention

Sports Physical Therapy Benefits

Sports Physical Therapy Treatment

Sports physical therapy is often used to rehabilitate injured athletes. It also provides athletes with individualized training to improve their athletic performance and methods to prevent future injuries. At SportsCare and Armworks, your therapist will design your unique sports physical therapy program that may incorporate:

Sports Physical Therapy Treatment

Basketball is the sport with the highest number of injuries each
year, almost 500,000 injuries annually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 How will my sports injury symptoms resolve?

    Resolving your sports injury begins with a thorough exam with your physical therapist or hand therapist to diagnose your condition and causal factors. With an accurate diagnosis, an individualized treatment plan is established based on your goals, your preferences for the treatment approach, and evidence-based interventions.

  • 2 When should I seek sports physical therapy?

    You should see a physical therapist or hand therapist if you have new or worsening pain. You should also see one if you are unsure about a certain ache or pain. It is best to treat an injury early as it typically leads to a faster recovery.

  • 3 How long will sports physical therapy typically last?

    The duration of physical therapy or hand therapy care is dependent on your goals for your recovery, the type and severity of your condition, and your preferences for treatment approach. Our goal at SportsCare Physical Therapy and Armworks Hand Therapy is to help you fully recover, to empower you to independently maintain or improve your progress, and to prevent reinjury. Treatment duration may range from as little as one visit, to months of treatment with biweekly visits, depending on your individual factors. Your condition is continually assessed by your therapist. By keeping your treatment plan flexible, it ensures optimal progress and efficiency within your treatment.

  • 4 When can I return to playing sports after a sports injury?

    Return to sport is based on a number of individual factors including having the required mobility, strength, balance, coordination, and in some cases, your ability to pass sport-specific tests, indicating your safety and preparedness for return to play. It is also based on physiological tissue healing timelines specific to your injury. There are many reasons that may have caused an athlete to be injured. It is important to learn from your physical or hand therapist which types of pain are safe to play with, and which types are harmful. Whether you have a surgical or non-surgical injury, your therapist will help you physically and mentally prepare for a successful return to play.

  • 5 Does SportsCare and Armworks take my insurance?

    Here is a list of the insurance plans accepted by SportsCare Physical Therapy and Armworks Hand Therapy. If you are unsure of your coverage or if your plan is accepted, please contact one of our offices. We are happy to assist you in learning about your benefits.

  • 6 Where are SportsCare and Armworks offices located?

    SportsCare Physical Therapy and Armworks Hand Therapy have convenient locations in Gresham, NE Portland, Clackamas, and Beaverton. In addition, Armworks has a location in Lake Oswego and SportsCare has office in Sandy. Location specific contact information can be found here: SportsCare Physical Therapy Locations and Armworks Hand Therapy Locations.