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mikayla's pilate exercise

Mikayla’s Top 10 Pilates Exercises


Have you been searching for a full-body, low-impact workout option? You know, one not as generic as lifting weights or biking a few miles? Great news! Pilates may be the perfect choice for you!

First off, what exactly is Pilates?

Pilates a form of low-impact cardio that helps with postural alignment, flexibility, and muscular endurance. It consists of slow movements which allow and encourage you to focus on proper core engagement and breathing techniques. Properly activating your deep spinal muscles during exercise is important for any workout you partake in, as it helps you strengthen your entire core rather than letting your low back muscles take over. Another benefit to Pilates is it helps improve your balance, flexibility, and posture.

Pilates can be done on your own but is commonly performed in a group setting. The exercises are mostly bodyweight, meaning no additional equipment is required. Some teachers may suggest using a mat or a reformer (a sliding platform to add resistance), but neither is needed in the beginner stages. Pilates classes are taught at many of our local gyms, and because of its popularity, you may also be able to find a Pilates-specific studio with certified instructors.

Who should do Pilates?

Pilates is great if you are looking to improve in your specific sport, increase weight during resistance training, or enhance your general health and fitness. With stronger abdominal, back, hip, and glute muscles, your activity-specific movement patterns will be more efficient and effective. And if that is not enough, a strong core and improved movement patterns will also help you reduce or entirely prevent injuries to your back and extremities. Pilates exercises are designed to activate certain muscles you would not normally use on a day-to-day basis such as your glutes and core.

Is Pilates for everyone? Yes! Whether you are 12 or 70 years old, Pilates is a great option for you! Whether you are heading into surgery or trying to avoid it, Pilates is a great option for you! If you are a lazy person or a professional athlete, Pilates is a great option for you! I think you get the point…

Now that you have a generalized idea of what Pilates is, here is a list of the top 10 exercises you can do!

1. The One Hundred

The One Hundred Pilates Exercise


2. Criss Cross

pilates exercise criss cross left side pilates exercise criss cross rightside


3. Plank

Pilates exercise plank


4. Pendulum

pilates exercise pendulum right pilates exercise pendulum left


5. Single Leg Circles



pilates exercise single leg circles


6. Scissor Kick

pilates scissor kick initial pilates scissor kick


7. Single Leg Stretch (knee bent or straight leg)

pilates knee bend stretch pilates knee straight stretch


8. Swimming



pilates swimming pilates swimming


9. The Swan

pilates the swan


10. Bridging

pilates bridging


If you have any questions, please give one of our clinics a call or request an appointment online. Our skilled therapists are armed with a battery of core stabilization exercises to help you gain strength and stability in your hips and spine.