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Why is a custom splint needed after a repetitive hand injury?

Why is a custom splint needed after a repetitive hand injury?

A custom splint is often needed for repetitive hand injuries. Armworks Hand Therapy takes pride in providing treatments specifically for the elbows, wrists, and hands. This sometimes includes custom splinting. Learn more about repetitive hand injuries, what causes them, and why a custom splint may be necessary for optimal healing results.

What are repetitive hand injuries?

Tendonitis is the most common type of repetitive hand injury. Tendons are dense fibrous cords that connect our bones to our muscles, enabling the bones to move when our muscles contract. When hands and wrists perform the same motions again and again, tendons can become inflamed from stress and become painful.

What causes repetitive hand injuries?

There are several ways tendons become injured. Tendons often fray or tear from constant overuse in construction, manufacturing, or industrial job settings. Tendons may also be stressed from awkward postures or prolonged positional use, such as in the hairdresser, artist, and computer professions.

There are other factors to consider when examining tendon health, including age, conflicting health conditions, and/or the availability of time for rest and recovery.

custom splint after a repetitive hand injury

Why is a custom splint needed after a repetitive hand injury?

After a repetitive hand injury, the tendon may need an immobilization device to allow for proper healing. A custom splint is designed and fabricated by a hand therapist to meet your anatomical specifications and injury recovery needs. The hand therapist uses a moldable plastic material to create a custom fit.

There may be inflammation to the damaged tendon that needs to settle down as the body repairs itself. This immobilization also prevents use which could worsen the injury. The hand therapist will give specific instructions on the frequency and duration of custom splint wear and may make adjustments as the injury improves.

If you have an elbow, wrist, or hand concern, including a repetitive injury that may require a custom splint, contact Armworks Hand Therapy. All Armworks offices can be reached by phone or you may request an appointment online.