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physical therapy myths

Top 10 Physical Therapy Myths – DEBUNKED

Physical Therapy may have some misleading misconceptions. Maybe it is something you heard, something you assumed, or even something you assumed you heard.

Today we will address and DEBUNK the Top 10 Physical Therapy Myths, setting the record straight for good.

MYTH #1: It’s going to hurt- A LOT.

Have you ever heard the old saying “No pain, No gain?” Well, in physical therapy, this is NOT true. Physical Therapists develop personalized treatment plans to minimize both chronic and acute pain. While there may be soreness in the beginning, adjustments can be made to keep you as comfortable as possible.

SportsCare Physical Therapy’s ultimate goal is to get/keep you out of pain while returning your function and quality of life.

MYTH #2: I need a referral to attend physical therapy.

Oregon is a direct-access state, meaning that in most cases a referral or doctor’s visit is NOT required to attend physical therapy. However, in specific circumstances such as Motor Vehicle Accidents, Worker Comp Injuries, and Medicare/Medicaid plans, a referral is needed.

MYTH #3: It is expensive, and my insurance will not pay for any of it.

In fact, most insurance plans do cover part or all your physical therapy visits. As a courtesy, SportsCare is happy to check a patient’s benefits and help communicate this coverage. Attending physical therapy may eliminate future costs of expensive surgeries, prescription medications, or other medical services. It may also save money in the long run by preventing future falls or accidents.

MYTH #4: Surgery is my only option.

While surgery may be needed for some instances, for many concerns it is not the first or only option. For a variety of conditions (such as Osteoarthritis, degenerative disk disease, and rotator-cuff/meniscus tears) physical therapy has shown to be an effective alternative to surgery. If surgery is necessary, pre and post-surgical physical therapy is still a critical part of successful recovery.

MYTH #5:Physical Therapy is only exercises, and it can all be done at home.

Exercise and movement ARE important, but physical therapists use a variety of methods to treat their patients. Modalities, manual therapy, and spinal manipulation are all in-person techniques used by physical therapists. SportsCare Physical Therapy also uses Blood Flow Restriction Therapy, Alter-G/Unweighted Treadmill systems, and Aquatic Therapy – all of which are done in-clinic.

MYTH #6: I only need physical therapy if I was injured in an accident.

Physical Therapy IS extremely beneficial after an accident or injury, but it is far from all we do. SportsCare Physical Therapy also treats patients with Posture/Balance Concerns, Disc/Joint Issues, and Chronic Pain. We also see patients for Fitness Training, Blood Flow Restriction Training, TMJ, Pelvic Health, as well as other Musculoskeletal Conditions.

MYTH #7: You only need a short certification to become a Physical Therapist.

Currently to become a licensed Physical Therapist, a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree is needed. This requires the graduation from a 3-year Physical Therapy program in addition to a 4-year bachelor’s degree, along with rigorous state and national testing to become licensed.

MYTH #8: Physical Therapy is a “magic cure”.

Physical Therapists ARE an important part of the recovery process, but unfortunately, there is no “magic cure.” Physical Therapists guide patients through rehabilitation with treatment methods, exercises, and education. Ultimately your body will recover due to a variety of factors, including your age, condition, attention from a skilled physical therapist, and effort/willingness to follow recommendations in PT.

MYTH #9: Once I am discharged, I’m done trying.

Once you have completed active treatment in physical therapy, you may become discharged from care, but asked to continue your exercises at home. SportsCare Physical Therapists discharge patients with a clear understanding of what to expect, a thorough home exercise program, and answer any questions a patient may have. Ultimately, it is up to the patient to follow the after-care instructions and maintain the results achieved in physical therapy.

MYTH #10 All physical therapy offices are the same.

At SportsCare Physical Therapy, we try to stay ahead of the curve, advancing in knowledge and techniques daily to provide our patients with the best recovery therapy possible… and then some! We don’t just reach our goals and send you out the door, we offer advanced training and education to ensure that you are stronger and more confident than ever before.

We hear regularly from our patients (including patients that have attended prior PT elsewhere) that SportsCare Physical Therapy is “THE BEST!” Our whole team takes great pride in making rehabilitation a fun and rewarding experience, all while providing the utmost care available.

To schedule an evaluation with SportsCare Physical Therapy, please call one of our convenient locations, or request an appointment online today!