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Finger Injuries: When in Doubt, See an Armworks Hand Therapist

Injuries to the hand, specifically the fingers, are quite common. Whether you are an athlete who “jams” your finger trying to catch a ball, a chef whose knife misses its target, or a machinist whose finger gets smashed during operations; we are all at risk of sprains, strains, lacerations, and/or fractures.

Luckily, your Certified Hand Therapists at Armworks have gone through extensive training to treat nearly everything that walks through the door!

It is important you do not overlook the potential seriousness of your finger injury. What may seem like a simple jammed finger (shake it off and ice later) may need further examination, proper splinting, and even surgery. To the same extreme, deep cuts may require stitches or fixation, not just superglue and a Band-Aid. If there is any doubt, having a professional evaluate the gravity of your injury is the safe and suggested plan.

During a visit to one of our Armworks clinics, a Certified Hand Therapist will check for any abnormalities in range of motion, swelling, skin integrity, sensation, strength, and bone/joint stability. With their findings, the Hand Therapist will either set you up with a care plan or refer you to an appropriate orthopedic/plastic surgeon for further examination and possible surgery.

Armworks Hand Therapy has the ability to create and apply a custom splint to your injury the same day as your initial visit. Whether it is a sprain, strain, or fracture, Armworks will support your injury for proper healing or protect it from further injury until it can be operated on.

Below are examples of some of the splints Armworks has created for our patients:

custom splints

The biggest take away today is when in doubt, see an Armworks Hand Therapist! Too often we treat patients who overlooked their injury and came to Armworks after their injury had healed improperly or incompletely. Your success rate is much higher if you begin appropriate treatments early and often. Your hands are very important for everyday normal function and need to last a lifetime, treat them with caution and care!

If you have an injury to your elbow, wrist or hand that might benefit from further examination, give one of our clinics a call or request an appointment online today. We have Certified Hand Therapists at each of our five clinic locations (Beaverton, Clackamas, Gresham, Lake Oswego, NE Portland) who are ready to set you on the path to success!