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Injury Education

Video: Correct Posture with Upper Back Strength

Look around.. I bet you will see more people with slouched backs and forward shoulders than people who are in a tall, open chested and upright position. Am I right? Poor posture is very common,…

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Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate
R.I.C.E – It’s not JUST a food!

The weather is getting nice, which means you will be outside running and jumping and biking on a more consistent basis. No matter how careful you are though, injuries happen. Stepping off the curb wrong,…

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Video: Seventh Inning Shoulder Stretch

As basketball season comes to an end, we leave the hardwood for the fresh cut grass of the baseball diamond. Yes, this means we get to bust open the bags of sunflower seeds. And yes,…

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Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

When asked, all eight SportsCare athletic trainers agreed the best way to prevent injury is to prepare in advance for the demands of your sport. Showing up to the first practice without having done any…

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Video: Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a common practice used in a multitude of athletic and rehabilitation scenes. Called self-myofascial release (SMR), or self-massage, foam rolling is a technique that aims to inhibit overactive muscles for relaxation and…

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Video: GLUTES!

Stretching.. Check! Mechanics.. Check! Alignment adjustments.. Check! Time off.. Check! Have you done everything under the sun to cure yourself of the knee pain you are experiencing? You may have thought so, but we have…

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