Cool Down: The Importance of Exercise Recovery

Preparation for your next event begins immediately after you finish your current activity. Proper nutrition, hydration, and rest are all important aspects of recovery. One component which tends to get overlooked is the cool down. Taking 10 minutes following your activity to stretch your muscles will give you a tremendous advantage in recovery over those … Read more

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Video: Dead Bug Progressions for SAFE Core Training

Many core exercises you see performed at your local gym are causing more harm than good. For example, the ab crunch machine is placing your spine in a hyper flexed position, causing compressive forces on your discs which may cause damage to the discs themselves or the nerves running from your spine to your extremities. … Read more

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Chop Your Way to a Solid Core

A professional lumberjack explains how to chop wood and carve out a six-pack. Splitting firewood might be one of the manliest pastimes anyone can ever have. You, alone, outdoors, splitting logs with one smooth swing of your ax; if that doesn’t grow the stubborn part of your beard, nothing will. Alas, with the invention of … Read more

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