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dirt bike riding

Dirt Bike Riding: Stretches and Strengthening

All Enduro or motocross riders know there are few activities more fun than spending a day in the dirt or sand. What makes the day even more special is when you end the ride exhausted and in ONE PIECE!

While many people view riding a motorized bike as fun and relaxing, it is actually quite strenuous and takes a great deal of strength, endurance, and coordination. To help prevent injuries and maximize the enjoyment and length of your riding sessions, be sure you train accordingly for the conditions the activity and terrain will put you through.

Training for Enduro or motocross, like many other sports, includes aerobic activity, strengthening, and stretching. These should be done 3-4 times a week and should be initiated 4-6 weeks before your season begins. Below are some examples of what you should incorporate into your pre and post riding routines.

It is especially important to stretch your hips, back, shoulders and neck before riding. You want to make sure your muscles and joints are prepped and primed for your ride, just in case something unexpected happens and you need to jump off your motorcycle quickly! Having muscles that are properly warmed up will fatigue slower, allowing you to ride comfortably for longer.

This is especially important for those weekend trips where you will be riding numerous times over the course of two or three days. Minimizing muscle and joint discomfort will keep you safer in subsequent rides, as you will be able to react and adjust more efficiently. Pro tip: If you stop for lunch or a snack break, work through a few stretches before climbing back on your bike, and drink water!



Hip swings

hip swings

Calf and Front of Hip

calf and front hip


Look up. Look down. Rotate to the left. Rotate to the right. Tilt to the left. Tilt to the right.

neck head rotations


Back and front bends (standing or on all-fours), rotation, side to side bends.

back and front bends


Arms overhead, up to your back, across your chest, and behind your head.

shoulder stretches

For suggestions on strengthening exercises, give one of our clinics a call or submit an online appointment request. Our professional staff of skilled physical therapists would be happy to set you up with exercises that address your weaknesses or imbalances.