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Rapid Recovery at Gresham SportsCare

Gresham SportsCare is the proud owner of the NormaTec Dynamic Compression Therapy System!

NormaTec uses pulsed massage to mobilize fluid out of the extremities through a specific zone-by-zone pattern. By enhancing the transport of fluid out of your limbs after exercise or rehabilitation, you allow a better, quicker recovery between sessions. Rather than using static compression which holds a constant squeeze, the dynamic compression creates a contract and relax effect, emphasizing the muscle pump our body already utilizes to recycle blood and remove metabolites. The removal of waste through improved circulation will reduce muscle and joint soreness, both immediately and delayed.

Below is an inside-look at the NormaTec recovery system and how it is applied at the professional sports level with the Boston Celtics of the NBA. Physical Therapist and Head Athletic Trainer Ed Lacerte has been working with the Celtics since 1987, making him the longest-tenured athletic trainer in the history of the program. He has seen therapeutic and recovery equipment come and go over the years, and is a firm believer in NormaTec because of the science and research which has been completed to prove its value. As he explains, NormaTec provides significant benefits following both intense workouts or surgical procedures. We use it for both!

SportsCare currently has the full leg attachment, allowing us to treat lower extremity injuries including foot, ankle, calf, knee and upper leg. We hope to add the hip and shoulder attachments soon! If you have a lower extremity injury, give Gresham SportsCare a call to schedule an appointment with a Physical Therapist and the NormaTec Pulse Recovery System.