SportsCare Physical Therapy History

Our Mission

SportsCare was established with the philosophy of returning our patients to work, sports, and everyday
activities as soon as safely possible, using innovative techniques and providing the utmost
care available. We strive to make rehabilitation a fun and rewarding process.

About SportsCare Physical Therapy: The Beginning

SportsCare Physical Therapy was established by Clem Eischen, a young man with an ambitious vision and unparalleled drive. When the clinic doors first opened in 1963, SportsCare was one of only two clinics in East Multnomah County.

Providing quality care to all individuals was Clem’s objective. This was not possible though, due to the inability to reach everyone in need. At this time, Clem, like many other therapists around the nation, were facing restrictions as to whom they could treat as a private practice clinic. Insurances such as Medicare controlled patient direction, providing strict limitations within their guidelines, which limited Clem’s patient population.

After fighting many years at the legislative level, Clem won the battle for himself and all he represented, enabling private practice Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists the ability to treat and bill individuals with Medicare. This opened the door for patients to receive access to the quality treatment given at SportsCare.

What started as a small operation in 1963 has expanded over the years, to say the least. SportsCare now employs staff at locations in Gresham, NE Portland, Clackamas, Beaverton, Sandy, and Salem.. With business in the good hands of Clem’s son and current co-owner, George Eischen, PT, SportsCare continues to flourish, celebrating 59 years of business in March of 2022.

Outreach and Outsource

Recognizing the need for injury prevention and treatment at the youth level, SportsCare reached out to the local high schools in 2002. As advocates for the athletic training profession, SportsCare directors created an afterschool program that placed an athletic trainer at local schools for student-athletes in need.

Today, SportsCare has a partnership with Gresham HS, Barlow HS and Reynolds HS.

In 2006, SportsCare partnered with Armworks Hand Therapy. This venture aimed to provide patients with more comprehensive treatments, as Armworks specializes in care of injuries in the realm of the elbow, wrist and hand.

Enough Is Never Enough!

Physical Therapy is not just physical therapy anymore. At SportsCare, we try to stay ahead of the curve, advancing in knowledge and techniques daily to provide our patients with the best recovery therapy possible… and then some! We don’t just reach our goals and send you out the door, we offer advanced training and education to ensure that you are stronger and more confident than ever before.