Sports Injury Treatment

Sports Injury TreatmentThe sports injury treatment of the elbow, wrist and hand is both challenging and rewarding.  Armworks Hand Therapy will be alongside you during this process, providing you with instruction, encouragement and motivation to return you to your sport.
What are common elbow, wrist and hand sports injuries?
Sports injuries commonly happen in two ways which is a traumatic (one time) event or can occur in a repetitive nature by doing the same thing over and over again.
The common traumatic injuries that can occur are broken bones, ligament injuries, dislocations.  Broken bones and ligament injuries often happen with sports that involve contact, like wrestling or football, but can also happen with snow sports like snowboarding and skiing when athletes are falling (making contact with the ground).  Finger dislocations can happen with sports involving a ball, like basketball, and elbow dislocations can happen from body weight going through the whole arm like in gymnastics.
The second category of injuries are those that are repetitive in nature, happening little by little over a period of time. The elbow is the most common part of the arm that these injuries occur in. Pain on the inside of the elbow often comes from throwing sports such as baseball, softball and water polo.  Pain on the outside of the elbow happens often with racquet sports like tennis or racquetball.  We also see wrist ligament injuries from sports involving tumbling, like gymnastics or cheerleading, because of the repetitive pressure put on the wrist.

What can hand therapy do for these injuries?

Our main role is to coach you through your healing process of  hand therapy.  Don’t wait to come see us, the earlier we can help, the shorter amount of time your injury will take to heal.  Armworks understands you want to recover and get back to your sport.  We are familiar with the healing timelines involved for different injuries. Armwoks will educate you on the healing process and ways to prevent the injury from happening again.   

Our hand therapists will work with you in the clinic to reduce your pain, swelling/inflammation, and improve your motion–all needed so that you can regain strength and get back to playing.  Throughout your recovery process, your hand therapist will provide a list of instructions for things you can do at home.  Armworks will help communicate with your coaches and school athletic trainer, if you are an injured school athlete, so that we can all work together to get you back on the field or court.

Why should I come to Armworks Hand Therapy?

The successful treatment of wrist injuries requires many key elements with the two most important being the skill of an occupational or physical therapist that specializes in seeing elbow, wrist and sports injuries and a patient willing to participate in their therapy.  All of the therapists at Armworks Hand Therapy specialize in the treatment of the elbow, wrist, and hand so we see these types of injuries all day, every day.