Bike Fit and Performance Assessment

Bike Fit and Performance Assessment

What is a bike fit?

Bike fit is a series of measurements and adjustments performed by a certified specialist to properly fit you to your bicycle.
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Who needs a bike fit

Every cyclist can benefit from a professional bike fitting. For competitive cyclists who wish to improve power output and efficiency, our therapists will cover an extensive list analyzing the mechanics, alignment, and stroke, both pre and post modifications, to ensure performance has improved.

A more enjoyable ride is possible for recreational and touring cyclists as well. Your therapist will make adjustments with the same list of modifications to position you more ergonomically on your bike. This will increase your comfort, efficiency and help prevent injuries.

How is a bike fit performed?

Before bike therapy is introduced, a specialist uncovers your goals and examines your body proportions and physical limitations, to better understand you, the framework of our project. After the initial intake of data, your current setup and style are observed. At this time, the specialist will note the position of your head, neck, back, legs and feet, where your saddle sits, and the distance to your handlebars, all to determine how the current set-up is affecting your performance. With your physical limitations and measurements in mind, the specialist will analyze all data and begin making adjustments to match your goals and riding style.

Most of the calculations and modifications are made using simple tools such as a ruler and the human eye, but our specialists also use advanced cycling analysis tools and software such as the computrainer and spinscan, which allow them to easily calculate stroke rate to determine power and efficiency. With an on screen side by side visual, the software allows the specialist and cyclist to observe pre and post modification positions, so the specialist can educate the cyclist as to why the modifications were made. At the end of the session, you should leave feeling more comfortable and confident in your ride.

If you would like a bike therapy fit and performance assessment, please call NE Portland SportsCare at 503.257.9881 for additional information.