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mountain sports strengthening

Video: Strengthening Exercises for Hikers

It’s time to get outside and enjoy some exercise in the sun! Because of our beautiful landscape, a very popular activity in the Pacific Northwest is hiking. Within Portland and the surrounding areas there are hundreds of trails which offer a fun getaway for hikers of all skill levels. To help ensure you are safe and avoid injury during your summer outings, we have provided you with some strengthening exercises specific for hikers. These exercises focus on providing stability to your lower extremities when encountering the many different challenges you may face during a hike, including, having to walk over uneven terrain, up and down lengthy hills, and potentially hopping from rock to rock or over small creeks. Apply these exercises 2-3 times a week to start building and maintaining proper strength. We also have a stretching video on our YouTube site which complements the strengthening exercises and activity as well. We hope you have an amazing summer full of awesome adventures!

Where in the world are our patients??

We love seeing how our patients stay active after completion of their physical or hand therapy rehab. Please submit pictures of you on your hikes or follow and tag us on social media. We would love to share your adventure and success with everyone!

Top 5 Hikes According to Our Staff:

  1. Eagle Creek Trail (Columbia River Gorge)
  2. South Sister (Central Oregon)
  3. Munra Point (Columbia River Gorge)
  4. Tom, Dick and Harry (Mt. Hood National Forest)
  5. Dog Mountain (Columbia River Gorge)