Tomiko Saldia, MS, PT, RTY, Cert. MDT

Tomiko was born in Wichita, Kansas and spent her former years growing up in Illinois, Okinawa, Japan, and Michigan respectively. She spent her undergraduate time in Northern California, and then back to Michigan where she completed a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy at Andrews University. After PT school, her special interests have been to further her training in alternative healing techniques for wellness and stress management. She now is a clinical specialist for chronic and persistent pain and pelvic health. What makes her approach different and highly effective, is her holistic approach to Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy. This combined with her training and experience as a registered yoga instructor, she helps patients understand that this is the only approach to using yoga as rehabilitation that is effective and safe for the treatment and management of pain. In her free time, she loves to spend time making delicious homemade meals with her family, hiking, biking, and target practice.

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