I attended Gresham Armworks for approximately 3 months for occupational therapy on my tennis elbow.

Facility: Well-equipped and modern. Facilities were always clean and there was always plenty of parking.

Armworks had their own office and shared-use of a full gym setup specifically for physical therapy needs. The office was kept at a good temperature. Early on there was a temperature differential felt between 2 different spots in the office. This was mitigated and now the office maintains a steady temperature throughout.

Staff: I was seen by pretty much everyone that worked there at one point or another. This included the Owner, Ryan, 3 full-time employees, and one college intern. All of them were both friendly AND professional. They remembered your name and always made you feel like family. There was never a time that I doubted that these employees could be the best of friends outside of work, professionalism was top notch. Upon graduation you are treated to a small gift and a word of congratulations from the staff that while not necessary, added to the “family feel” of this business.

Service: I was skeptical at first with the whole “therapy” concept. I was pleasantly surprised that after only a couple visits my healing rate and increased exponentially. Now, I know that individual results may vary, but it seemed like that all patients that were there when I had an appointment were similarly satisfied with their results. Near-complete recovery was obtained far ahead of my expectations.

Additional: I was provided with what the office refereed to as my “toolbox” for after-care success. This included various exercises listed on paper, some physical therapy tools such as bands and bars as well as a couple different household items to help massage my arm. I was encouraged to continue doing the exercises despite not having any pain.

Overall I am very satisfied with Gresham Armworks and would not hesitate to recommend it to family, friends, and of course the internet. 🙂