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Video: Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift (RDL)

This Single Leg RDL exercise focuses on lengthening and strengthening the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes and low back), while challenging your dynamic stability. The hinging movement seen in this exercise consists of a slow eccentric stretch in the hamstring followed by a rapid contraction of the glutes.

The muscular benefits from this combination of movements include greater posterior chain strength and power production, improved hip and ankle stability, and increased proprioception.

The sports performance benefits are just as impressive. You will increase contraction force resulting in greater top-end speed, improve running mechanics and efficiency, and gain stability at the hip which is essential when landing from a jump or changing directions.

If you compete in a sport which requires running or jumping, or if you are looking to tone up or build strength in your glutes and legs, this exercise is a must for you!

Please enjoy this exercise and all the benefits you will receive from it. If you have any questions, contact Cameron at Gresham SportsCare Physical Therapy at (503) 491-1666.