Rita McCord, PTA


Rita grew up on a dairy farm in Jerome, Idaho. She experienced many of the Western states between her childhood and the time she arrived at SportsCare. Rita started her career in the Air Force working in Utah as a long range radar technician for 8 years. She left the military and earned a bachelor degree in Bio Veterinary Science from Utah State University, which led her to San Rafeal, CA, to work as a trainer at Guide Dogs for Blind (for both dogs and the visually impaired). She transferred to Oregon and continued working with Guide Dogs for Blind until she decided to take up schooling for PTA at MHCC. She had a quick stint working at Kaiser then found her niche at SportsCare. Rita enjoys gardening, hiking,snowshoeing, lapidary (cut and polish rocks) and metal smith work making jewelry. Rita and her husband recently finished a three year gut remodel of a 3500 sq.ft. house and now look forward to getting a beagle.