New Patient Information

Whether you are already scheduled or still looking for the right physical therapy clinic to meet your needs, welcome to SportsCare! To help prepare our new patients for their first visit, we ask you to read the following information.

What to Bring:

  • Completed New Patient paperwork – Download HERE
  • Completed Care Connections Form – Download HERE
  • Bring each of the following for us to make a copy:
    • Identification Card
    • Insurance Card
    • Claim Number (Worker’s Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accident)
    • Doctor Referral (not always needed)
    • List of Current Medications
  • Comfortable clothing which permits access to the injured area. Please refrain from wearing skirts/dresses, high heels and tight shirts/pants.
  • Your brace or splint if you are currently wearing one.
  • A smile, a good attitude and a willingness to get better!

What to Expect During Your Evaluation:

Your initial evaluation will be with a Licensed Physical Therapist. Our goal is to gather as much information as necessary to properly educate you and create an appropriate treatment plan. We will usually keep you around 45 minutes, but please be prepared to stay a little longer if needed.

  • You and your Physical Therapist will have a discussion on the following topics:
    • Your medical history as it relates to your injury
    • Your current complaints and intensity/duration of symptoms
    • How the injury is limiting you during work, play and/or life
    • Your goals and expectations
  • If symptoms allow, your Physical Therapist will measure:
    • Swelling, flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and posture
    • Performance during various body mechanic exercises and functional activities

Creating a Treatment Plan:

Your therapist will take all the information from the evaluation and work with you to create a manageable, progressive exercise program which will be performed during visits and while at home. The goal is to regain strength and function through exercises that mimic your everyday tasks and chores, so your communication and input is very valuable.

Therapy Moving Forward:

If further treatment is required, your Physical Therapist will contact the referring physician to discuss a plan. The therapist will suggest a treatment duration and frequency, while considering insurance plans, which the doctor will either sign off on or adjust. Once an agreement has been made between the therapist and doctor, SportsCare will contact the patient to schedule the recommended appointments.
Ready to schedule an appointment? Have more questions? Give one of our offices a call!