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SportsCare Integrative Physical Therapy

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In January of 2019 we expanded our team at SportsCare, enabling us to provide therapy for people suffering from pelvic health conditions, chronic/persistent pain and stress management. Tomiko Saldia, MS, PT, RTY, Cert. MDT, brings an advanced skillset and knowledge base to our clinic. Having spent time in pediatrics, orthopedics, neurological and trauma in a variety of settings, Tomiko possesses a wholistic mindset and applies her knowledge of Yoga and Mechanical Diagnoses to treat some of the more difficult, often complex cases.

Pelvic Health

We use a wholistic approach to treat uncomfortable pelvic symptoms including pain and loss of normal function. A person who may benefit from pelvic health physical therapy includes those experiencing incontinence, painful menses, endometriosis, pudendal nerve issues, pregnancy pain, vasectomy post-surgical complications, painful intercourse, and many more. Pelvic health is for women, men and children. Our goal is to make you comfortable when treating these private, sometimes intimate conditions, and return you to a life of freedom and balance.

Chronic/Persistent Pain

SportsCare Integrative Physical Therapy uses a unique method to treating pain which has not already responded to other techniques. Our approach to loss of function and disability focuses on the entire body, while working to restore balance and continuity throughout. We tailor our treatments to fit your specific needs, including the use of movement therapy, manual therapy and therapeutic activities. Through education and continued self-treatments, we will help manage and/or eliminate the chance for recurrence of certain symptoms.

Stress Management

Stress is burdensome and often difficult to manage. At SportsCare Integrative Physical Therapy we can help you reduce and control how you react to life’s stressors. We use a variety of concepts including Yoga, manual therapy, meditation and breath restoration. These techniques will help balance your physical and emotional health.

Mechanical Diagnosis Therapy

Tomiko is Certified in Mechanical Diagnosis Therapy, an evidence-based, non-invasive method to assess, treat and prevent pain located in the spine and extremities. Assessment is done using the McKenzie evaluation, a battery of movement tests performed actively, passively, repetitively and statically. The body’s response to these movements provides an insight into the treatment for your pain. Postural training, individualized exercises and behavior modifications are prescribed to treat the pain and prevent return of symptoms.

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