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Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Blood Flow Restriction Training: An effective method for recovering from knee pain, injury or surgery By Joe Shannon, PT, DPT, CertMST, Director The following blog will educate you on Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) and provide evidence as to why you should strongly consider using this method with your Physical Therapist to quickly and comfortably…

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painful tendonitis

De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

De Quervain’s Syndrome is a painful tendonitis on the thumb side of your wrist. This inflammation causes the lining (sheath) around the tendon to thicken and become rough, making it difficult for the tendons to glide through the sheath as they move your thumb. CAUSES Repetitive thumb or wrist use. Can happen with chronic overuse…

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mallet finger

Mallet Finger AKA Baseball Finger

A mallet finger is an injury that happens after forceful bending of the joint nearest the fingernail, such as when an object strikes the end of the finger.  This results in tearing or overstretching of the tendon that straightens the finger. Occasionally, a small piece of bone breaks off as well; this is called an…

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Options for Pain Management

Pain is a symptom of a larger medical issue. The sensation of pain is generated by the brain when it perceives a threat to a person’s well-being. Pain is an individual experience, one we all respond to differently, both physically and emotionally. Because of these varied responses, the pain we experience may not always accurately…

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Staff Continuing Education

At SportsCare and Armworks we believe it is important to continually advance our education and skills so we can provide our patients with the best treatment currently available. Below are some of the courses our staff has recently taken. They bring new, exciting ideas back to their respected clinics and are now implementing them for…

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Scar Massage Following Hand Surgery

Massage is an integral part of proper healing and scar formation following hand surgery. Tissue adhesion or thick scarring at the surgery site may cause complications such as limited range of motion or loss of sensitivity. Read this short article for more information on the benefits of massage. Talk with your certified hand therapist to…

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Video: Mirror Box Therapy

Mirror box therapy is used to relieve pain and improve movement after injury or surgery. Visual feedback from the mirror “tricks” the brain into thinking both limbs are moving symmetrically, allowing the affected limb to train with positive reinforcement. Watch Melanie Serpa, OTR/L, CHT (Armworks Hand Therapy) as she demonstrates some of the basic movements…

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Similar to a clothing or diet fad, “carpal tunnel” was another catchy social trend that everyone seemed to have had, at one point or another. Anyone using a computer at work or at home appeared to have the symptoms, and there was no end in sight. Even though we still encounter carpal tunnel in our…

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Direct Access to Physical and Occupational Therapy

Did you know that you can be seen by a Physical Therapist and without a physician referral? In Oregon, the law allows direct access to Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy without a physician’s referral (prescription).  This is especially helpful for those of you with musculoskeletal injuries… Neck, low back, shoulder, hand, knee and ankle injuries. For…

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