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Yoga Poses

Everyday Health: 7 Yoga Poses You Should Master

Why Yoga? Yoga is a great activity that strengthens, stabilizes, and reduces stress. Adding any of these exercises to your daily routine can improve your health and wellness! #1: Extended Child’s Pose (Balasana) Benefits of Pose: Stretches arms, low back, and ankles Relieves back pain Promotes relaxation and mindfulness How to Perform: Begin on hands … Read more

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Why do my joints pop?

Why do my joints pop (lock & drop it)?

Have you noticed that as we get older, we tend to do more “popping” and less “locking” and “dropping”? Everyone has experienced that unsettling feeling of hearing Rice Krispies noises when bending down to tie your shoe or the satisfaction of cracking your knuckles after finishing a task, but have you ever wondered what causes … Read more

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Vertigo: You’re Too Busy to Be This Dizzy!

Hello, Pain Pals, Hi, I’m Tara, a Physical Therapist at Gresham SportsCare and today we are going to discuss the vestibular system, vertigo, and what physical therapy can do to help patients who experience these room spinning symptoms. What do you feel when you think about the Disney teacup ride? If you’re anything like me, … Read more

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Stretching: That’s Tight, Yo!

Hello, Pain Pals, We always hear stretching is the answer… Feeling sore? Stretch. Feeling weak? Stretch. Wake up? Stretch. But why is stretching important and what effect does it have on our bodies. I am Tara, a Physical Therapist at SportsCare PT in Gresham, OR, and today we are going to discuss what stretching does … Read more

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