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safety tips when moving


Moving, sure it can be a real “PAIN”, but here are some tips to avoid it becoming PAINFUL. Take your time, get organized, and use all available help to avoid stress and injuries. 1. Get Rid of the Bulk The less stuff you have, the less you will have to worry about packing up and … Read more

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no gym daily exercise

NO GYM? NO PROBLEM! 4 Ways to Fit in Daily Exercise (FOR FREE!)

If you live far from a facility, don’t have childcare, or a subscription just doesn’t fit within your budget; you may be one of the many who choose to forgo a gym membership. Luckily, you can still increase your fitness level in almost any environment, starting with these 4 tips!  1) Work on Walking More … Read more

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ways walking keeps you well

10 Ways Walking Keeps You Well

The American Heart Association recommends that you walk or perform moderate aerobic activity for a total of 150 minutes per week. This is ideally spread throughout the week and can even be performed in shorter daily sessions. Walking is not only an exercise that keeps you healthy, but it is a free (and easy!) way … Read more

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stay F.I.T. as a senior


  TIRED of being unhealthy in retirement? Looking for ways to stay active in your golden years? Follow our acronym below for some ways SENIORS can S.T.A.Y. F.I.T. Swimming and Water Aerobics. Exercising in the water is a great low-impact activity and it is fun! Water exercise is gentle on the joints, helps build muscle … Read more

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referred pain

WHAT ARE YOU REFERRING TO?? Referred Pain Explained

  You stub your toe… Ouch, it hurts! No one likes to be in pain. We must be willing to accept pain if we are the cause (you probably should not have jumped off that ___), but random pains are confusing and frustrating. This brings up the idea of referred pain. Have you heard of … Read more

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foods for athletes


It is easy to see that wellness includes exercise. Our bodies and minds need to be active to stay healthy. Whether it is controlling our weight, heart rate, blood pressure, or building our strength, ACTIVITY is key. What may be less obvious is that our body needs to RECOVER after exertion. Today we will focus … Read more

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Sciatica: The BACKstory

I’ve heard of the Sciatic Nerve, but what is it exactly? The sciatic nerve is the largest and longest nerve in the human body. Basically, its job is to connect the spinal cord to the skin and muscles in thighs, lower legs, and feet. It serves dual purposes, as both a motor nerve (transmits information … Read more

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Importance of proper breathing

Deep Breath, You’ve Got This: The Importance of Breathing

We all know oxygen is essential, and, therefore, breathing is necessary for survival. Without adequate intake of oxygenated air, we experience mild symptoms such as dizziness and headaches, or serious symptoms leading to interference of heart and brain function. Breathing is normal and natural, and most of us never need to think twice about doing … Read more

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